Ross Brawn says a budget cap is arriving in Formula 1 as early as next year. The controversial issue of mandatorily limiting budgets has been mooted for years, but sporting boss Brawn says Liberty Media will start imposing the regime from 2019.

Doing it in a ‘soft’ way. “The cost cutting work is going well. We first want to introduce it in a ‘soft’ way with test runs for the years 2019 and 2020. It will be part of the regulations from 2021. It’s as good as decided,” Brawn added.

SID claims the budget cap will be around $150 million per year, but Brawn admitted that it will be imposed gradually.

“A top team is currently spending about twice that of a midfield team. The Force India case shows that the financial burden on the teams is unmanageable in the long term. So if we reduce that gap to 10 or 20%, a midfield team doing a great job will be competitive again,” Brawn said.