Lady Gaga at JFK
Lady Gaga's shoes

After dazzling the Video Music Awards crowd in her meat dress, the “Alejandro” singer returned to her native New York, arriving at JFK Airport in yet another jaw-dropping ensemble.

Decked out in a pair of extreme heels and nothing else, the Pantless One accessorized her minimalist outfit with a pair of handcuffs clamped around her waist. No word on whether the restraints caused her any difficulty while going through the metal detector, but we’re fairly certain that airport security didn’t have much trouble scanning the singer for other contraband, given the lack of coverage she was sporting.

Her outfits have really gone to hell since designer Alexander McQueen hung himself in February.

ps: How did dozens of people at LAX let someone get on a commercial flight to New York City, soon after the anniversary of 9/11, wearing handcuffs, chains and a wig to disguise her looks. Awesome, right?