Lindsay Lohan

According to sources, the staff at UCLA have determined that the “Mean Girls” actress is not an addict and has been misdiagnosed with ADHD and bi-polar disorder.

Furthermore, she’s been “weaned off” a cocktail of prescription meds such as Zoloft, Adderall, Nexium, Dilaudid, and Ambien without any serious reaction. LiLo also hasn’t experienced any withdrawal from a lack of alcohol consumption.

Dr. John Sharp, a neuropsychiatrist on the faculty at UCLA and Harvard, but not involved with Lohan’s case, explains that the effects of improper Adderall use could drive one off the rails.

“Adderall is a very close cousin of methamphetamine,” continues Sharp. “When you’re taking enough of it, you’re getting a reaction which is virtually identical to the effect of meth. That’s why it’s dangerous.”

“They can destabilize you and make you more prone to mood swings…They make a person more likely to partake in other extravagances,” says Sharp. “If someone is prone to spend a lot of money, they would spend more money. If someone has a little bit of a problem with self-medicating and drinking, they could likely do more of that.”