The real-life, blonde precursor to Nickelodeon’s iCarly, Justine Ezarik, finds her way onto scads of screens with a breezy style and a deep understanding of influence.

Creating a random viral moment is as rare as getting struck by lightning, but Justine Ezarik has found a way to routinely bottle the juice and light up the Internet. With over 300 million YouTube views, the coal miner’s daughter and social media savant is a double-live platinum new media star. Operating under the nom de net iJustine, Ezarik has built a cyber empire with a remarkably loyal following of 13-24 year old girls–and, of course the boys who love them and her

Justine says that she does all her video production herself… “It is really kind of hard for a lot of the Hollywood people to deal with. I produce some of my music videos on a $200 budget. But I produce most of my videos on zero budget. I have a studio in my apartment–which is actually just a green screen I have tacked on my wall and some lamps to light everything. I shoot and edit everything.”