Angelina Jolie in Nipple Tape, Dog Leash and Heroin Bender

An old drug buddy of Angelina Jolie’s has sold eight graphic and lurid photos of the actress to Star magazine, published in the issue out today. Here’s what’s in store:

In one set, the now-mother of six has black tape over her nipples and a dog leash around her neck. Others show her during a 14-hour heroin-smoking bender.

“The photographs are a startling reminder to Angelina of a period in her life I’m sure she wants to forget, a shady piece of her history that she’s kept hidden away, even from Brad,” celebrity biographer Andrew Morton, author of Angelina: An Unauthorized Biography, tells Star in our cover story.

All this in the the past, before Brad and the children. The question is, will it impact their relationship now and how will it affect their growing children who have access to the internet and will enevitably see this?